Pining over Pine Island

Fishing, Sightseeing, and Relaxing with “Old Florida” Charm


When the weather is just right it’s hard to beat a Saturday in Florida on the ocean. Cloudy enough to take the sun off your face for a bit, a nice breeze cooling you down, and the spray of the ocean as you make your way down the inlets around Pine Island for a bit of fishing with the family can truly make for a great day.  Continue reading “Pining over Pine Island”

Czech Beer : The Motherland Returns

The Dancing House, or also know as “Fred and Ginger”, symbolizes the transition from Communism to a Democratic State. I got to see this beautiful structure every day as the hotel we stayed at was just around the corner. On the last day of our stay in Prague, Gabi and I set out again to tour more breweries. Continue reading “Czech Beer : The Motherland Returns”